A Journey Back to the Self

A lot of people ask "what I do," and I feel that the definition changes each day, with each client, and this is not what people want to hear, they want a specific definition so that they can judge whether "what I do" is of value to them. I end up saying "I make people strong, in all the ways," and this just usually leads to more questions. Society desires a specific definition so that I can market to a specific audience, make money, sell a product, blah, blah, blah... While all of that is part of the process of expanding my platform, and necessary at some point (I think?); I don't do it to win a popularity contest, or to make money. I do it because it is what I was born to do, born to be, I assist people back to the self, sometimes through breath, meditation, reiki, and other times through movement, strength, and mobility, all of the other things are a result of my efforts. It is when clients like Gina find me, that I truly begin to uncover not "what I do," but "what I am capable of."

Like most clients who will be with me indefinitely, she found me. I was told that a young woman was going to call me and that she had recently been to the ER because she felt like she couldn't breathe. I felt the weight of her worry, yet was excited to meet her and assist her on her journey back to self.  She fully trusted me and my intuition from the very beginning and for that, I am truly grateful. Here is her testimonial. 

[Before we dive into her journey I want to preference that air hunger is the feeling that you always need more air, are continually yawning, tired, trying to take deeper breaths, it is a typical reaction to a larger breathing volume and a very over-stressed nervous system.] 

"The day I met Kristina, I was not feeling very well. I had been experiencing severe air hunger for months at that point, and breathing was an everyday struggle and obsession. I was introduced to her at a gym and was told she might be someone who could help me with my breathing problems. I expected to have a quick, superficial chat with her and talk about scheduling a session for some vague time in the future- but it became immediately clear that that is not the way Kristina works. She listened sympathetically as I found myself unloading onto her about reasons I thought my breathing had become such an issue- she immediately felt like someone I could completely trust; but in a way that no healer, doctor, or therapist I had yet encountered had been. She was proactive and sensed that I was at my wit’s end, and sprang into action at our very first meeting, teaching me about the box breath right then and there and guiding me through some exercises for a whole hour. Her energy, passion, and knowledgeability struck me from the get-go.

We started meeting bi-weekly, Kristina creating a custom program for me. In each session, she made time to listen to my feedback and thoughts on our work, while also fully lending her expertise to everything we did. As my breathing pattern became more stabilized and I grew more comfortable playing with her suggestions on my own, it was then our sessions opened up beautifully. Kristina guided me into a new lifestyle of strength building and movement practice that I would never have found without her. She has created a tailor-made circuit and breath practice for me that I genuinely love experiencing every day, and has profoundly changed my relationship with my body. 

Before we met, I was desperate to talk to anyone who might have ideas about what was “wrong” with my breathing and how I might “fix” it. I had no idea that day I met her, that I was in for a life-altering journey with a true master of her craft, a passionate and inspiring teacher, a trusted friend. To work with Kristina is to take your health, happiness, success- whatever it is you value most in your life- and amplify it in a way you might not have even known was possible.

Whether, like I was, you are actively struggling with breath and with your relationship to your body, or whether you simply want to gain new awareness and improve your daily existence in countless unexpected ways, making the time and space to work with Kristina will be transformational. I am thankful every day that we found each other!"

- Gina, 23