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The Union of Breath and Spine

Learn how to better utilize the breath during each chiropractic adjustment. From the moment you lay on the table to the post-session rehab movements, you can use specific breathing patterns to create space for the spine to move freely and settle into the adjustment.

Cost: Free

Location: The life Center Chiropractic

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Primal Coding: Breath and Mobility (Every Thursday 7:15pm-8:05pm
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Primal Coding: Breath and Mobility (Every Thursday 7:15pm-8:05pm

Your breath is your powerhouse! This class is dedicated to helping you transform yourself through your breath.

You will explore specific breathing patterns to improve focuscalm your minddecrease pain, strengthen your core and improve your mobility - your ability to move and use your body through its full capacity.

Join Primal Coding founder Kristina in a class where the breath takes the lead and the movement follows.

Perfect for when: You're up for a challenging but low-movement class, and for when curious about how your engrained patterns of movement are holding you back.

Goal: Become aware of your own patterns, and create new patterns that will better support your movement. Get clear, get strong, improve focus and learn tools to help your physical yoga practice, and to gain a deeper understanding of yourself.

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