Meditation and Breath

“Breathing for strength and resilience. I was aware that I had some issues in my breathing - I didn’t realize how extensive they were. Through out sessions I have developed a better understanding and functional use that I can apply to weightlifting and every day life. Kristina made the uncomfortable feel comfortable. The entire process was very fluid and the practice/homework was very beneficial. I will continue to grow because of this course.” - Sam, 47

 "I was introduced to her at a gym and was told she might be someone who could help me with my breathing problems. I expected to have a quick, superficial chat with her and talk about scheduling a session for some vague time in the future- but it became immediately clear that that is not the way Kristina works. She listened sympathetically as I found myself unloading onto her about reasons I thought my breathing had become such an issue- she immediately felt like someone I could completely trust. But in a way that no healer, doctor, or therapist I had yet encountered had been, she was proactive." - Gina, 23  (To read more about Gina's story go to my blog post HERE..) 

 " I knew that I met Kristina for a reason but I didn't understand why until I found myself in the back of an ambulance using breathing techniques that she had taught me. Kristina's instruction gave me the knowledge to breath properly when I was hospitalized due 3rd degree burns. I was advised by the medical staff to continue my breath work because they could see a noticeable difference in my ability to remain calm. Thank you Kristina for this give- you saved me just in time." - Kyle White, 28

" It has truly Transformed my life! I've had pain from scoliosis since my early teens. Since I've been doing the exercises almost everyday the pain has ceased completely. My lower back feels stronger and my posture for the first time feels "normal". I am also an opera singer and I noticed that my support is 10x stronger than ever and much more connected! Thank you!!" - Mariana, 33

"Kristina performed Reiki on me during my chemo therapy treatment for cancer both before and after my double mastectomy. Because of the absence of or very gentle touch, Reiki was one of the few therapies I could tolerate. I remember one afternoon siting and using all I had to keep from being sick while I waited for my session with Kristina. That session like all others brought me to a place of peace, free from pain and nausea, and being reminded that I had the strength to get through this chapter of my life. Now two years later (with health and hair), I can truly say that Kristina was one of the angels sent to me to get me through that trial. Much Love!" – Elizabeth, 50

Movement sessions

"I've been working out with Kristina for almost 4 years now. She's a master of her craft. I haven't been more flexible, stronger and more aware of my breath then I am today. She has helped me transform my old breathing patterns allowing me to not only improve my overall strength and power but also teaching me how to use my breath to release tension and improve mobility of my tight back and hips. Kristina is a great listener to my needs and concerns and I am now able to work out harder and heavier then ever before." - Dan, 29, Firefighter

"I am a fire captain with 15 years on at a large Southern California fire department. I have always been engaged in regular exercise and stretching. As time has gone on, my range of motion has decreased and back spasms became a daily occurrence. I started with Kristina 4 months ago with dramatic results. I have been able to greatly reduce my blood pressure medication, my back spasms have gone and I finally know what to do to prevent bad back occurrences. My range of motion in my hips and shoulders are showing significant improvement and I am looking forward to further progress. Kristina uses a blend of traditional and non-traditional exercise, stretching and breath work that my seem odd to some in the beginning. However, as soon as one sees the impressive results like I have, you will be asking for what's next." - Jim, 44, Fire Captain