Activate your
Breath Intelligence


Want to have a better relationship with your breath?

It begins with exploring your current capacities.


The Breath IQ is a series of breath tests from 

 your ability to observe, your CO2 tolerance (stress test), the length of your exhale, and your diaphragm and rib awareness.


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Take a Journey into your Breath with...

 The Primal Coding APP!

  • Test your Breath IQ with 5 different practices and questions designed to guide your breath awareness

  • Access to guided breath meditations

  • 30 min breath classes uploaded every week

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Learn to Breathe with Ease!

Primal Coding is not a method - it's a map.

A map to understanding the language of the breath.  Learning  ALL we should have learned from birth.

Once you understand the language of the breath, you can go out into the world and explore the innumerable methods of breath, movement and meditation with ease and grace.

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Re-code your Mind & Body

with Private Training

Personalized Coaching from Kristina Macias

Specialized breath and movement practices

Programs to improve strength & conditioning

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