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We would like to invite you to Columbia to immerse yourself in breath and nature at the beautiful Madre Cocoon

This is not a “retreat” but an “immersion” into the self and nature. As within, so without. 

When we create a safe container for observation and experience, stepping away from phones, meetings, and emails, we have access to a deeper layer of self that is usually masked by our busy lives.

The immersion will be in Santa Elena, Columbia at 8,000ft elevation. That means that your breath MUST be at the forefront of your mind and observation.


To prepare, you will receive a profile to fill out, a breath IQ test, and altitude training exercises prior to the immersion. This will allow you to ease into the feeling of living and adventuring at higher altitudes!

The Adventures Include:

  • A Temescal (Sweatlodge with local medicine woman)

  • Horseback riding

  • Nature hike to waterfalls in the local national park

  • Spa day with cocoa soak (free day without the teachers)

Pricing: $1999 

A few payment options are available***




Price includes: 

  • Room and all meals

  • The adventures listed above

  • Pre-immersion education

    • Breath IQ practices

    • And breath practices to prepare you for the high altitude. Your breath does not have to be a limiting factor!

  • Includes a finger O2/Heart rate monitor to use during your breath practices and activities. It will be given to you upon arrival.

A Deposit of $500 is needed to hold your spot.

**Payment options are available.

Contact for any further questions

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