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Private Sessions

Allow Kristina to find the blind spots in your breath and movement. Giving you the ability to have a conversation with your mind and body.  From strength and mobility training to breathe and meditation, Kristina guides you to creating a strong and more resilient YOU!  

  • (Online) **Limited spots available

    1 hr 30 min

    200 US dollars
  • 1 hr

    500 US dollars
  • Join me for a 30 min breath exploration!

    10 US dollars
  • Curious about how Primal Coding may help you? Let's chat and find out!

    15 min

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Client Testimonials
Breath & Meditation

"I was introduced to her at a gym and was told she might be someone who could help me with my breathing problems. I expected to have a quick, superficial chat with her and talk about scheduling a session for some vague time in the future- but it became immediately clear that that is not the way Kristina works. She listened sympathetically as I found myself unloading onto her about reasons I thought my breathing had become such an issue- she immediately felt like someone I could completely trust. But in a way that no healer, doctor, or therapist I had yet encountered had been, she was proactive."


- Gina, 23  

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